Friday, 31 March 2017

Increase in demand for property in Australia owing to hike in net overseas immigration

As per the latest figures revealed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the net immigration levels to Australia are increasing at a fast rate.

The Demography Director of Australian Bureau of Statistics Beidar Cho said that there was a 9% increase in the net immigration levels to Australia for the year that concluded on September 2016. This increase has added 193, 200 people to the total population of Australia.

However, this growth was still short of the growth witnessed in the year 2009 wherein almost 300,000 immigrants were added to the population of Australia.

In the previous year, the fastest growing net overseas immigration was witnessed by Queensland with an increase of 19%. Victoria and NSW remained the favorite destinations for immigrants with the growth of 13% and 11% respectively.

The only other state that had 9% net overseas immigration when compared to the previous year was the state of Tasmania.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics also revealed that the population of Australia increased by 348, 700 people to reach 24.2 million by the conclusion of 2016 September.
Net overseas immigration resulted in an addition of 193, 200 people to the Australian population that accounted for nearly 55% of the nation’s total growth of population, quotes Yourinvestemntproperty mag.

This increase in net overseas immigration has resulted in increasing the demand for residential property in Australia according to Digital Finance Analytics’s principal Martin North.

These newly arrived immigrants will be seeking housing properties that are in close affinity to workplaces, universities and good schools. They will also look out for suburb areas that have the appealing infrastructure, strong native support communities and amazing amenities.

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Thursday, 30 March 2017

Net immigration to Australia reaches four-year high until September 2016

The population of Australia touched 24.22 million in September 2016, said the data revealed on by the ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics) 23 March.

The figure increased by about 350,000, or 1.5%, in the last one year, which is said to be the fastest increase in percentage since mid-2014.

According to the ABS, the majority of the increase was attributed to NOM (net overseas migration). Business Insider quotes the ABS as saying that because of NOM 193,200 people were added to the population, which made up for 55 percent of the population growth in Australia.

The figures reveal that 492,800 people came from abroad while 299,600 people exited the Land Down Under.

The rise in NOM was the fastest growth rate in four years, owing to sharp increases in eastern states of Australia.

Beidar Cho, ABS demography director, said that Queensland witnessed the highest increase of NOM population, which rose by 19 percent while they rose in New South Wales and Victoria by 11 percent and 13 percent, respectively.

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Migrants to Australia to be redirected from Sydney to regional areas

As Sydney house prices continue to surge exponentially, the Australian government is planning to redirect migrants to regional areas.

Anthony Roberts, the NSW Planning Minister, had earlier expressed apprehensions that Sydney’s burgeoning population was having on its home prices. With Australia’s largest city’s population set to reach 9.9 million within two decades, 660,000 new homes are needed to accommodate them.

Two-thirds of Sydney’s population rise would reportedly be driven by foreign and interstate migrants.

Alex Hawke, Federal Assistant Immigration Minister, was quoted by the Daily Telegraph as saying that one of the Turnbull government’s  major priorities was looking at ways of goading migrants to settle in places other than Sydney - a city which has seen its house prices jump by 16 percent in the past one year.

He said that the government appreciated the fact that Sydney will continue being an attractive destination for people from abroad and within Australia, but they were working with state and regional governments to collaborate with them to see how migrants could be attracted to other regional centres.

According to him, regions which were identified included the Central Coast and Goulburn could be developed to make them more luring to migrants.

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Friday, 24 March 2017

Immigrant and ethnic groups in Australia support initiative for multicultural assimilation

The multicultural statement of the Turnbull government in Australia that focuses on integrating immigrants and ethnic groups in the nation on the foundation of social unity and national identity has been supported by the diverse immigrant and ethnic groups.

The statement titled ‘Multicultural Australia- Successful, Strong, and United’ was supported by the Migration Council Australia. This is an approval of the social and economic significance of immigrants in contributing to Australia, said the council.

Carla Wilshire, the Chief Executive of Migration Council Australia said that the statement is a commemoration of the consecutive multicultural regimes that have resulted in flourishing, safe and united Australia.

It is also commendable that the need for successive governments to support immigrants in becoming self-sufficient and dynamic members of the Australian society has been affirmed by the statement of the government, said Carla Wilshire.

Malcolm Turnbull had made a statement in Australian Parliament that stressed the need to assimilate immigrants along with unity and citizenship as fundamental principles. This was the first statement by the federal government to highlight the influence of terrorists on the Australian society and recognized freedom of an individual inclusive of freedom of speech as one among the fundamental values of Australia.

The statement has also been welcomed by the Settlement Council of Australia. The statement also called for modifications to the way in which multiculturalism is defined to include immigrants, white Australians, indigenous Australians and ethnic minorities.

The Chairperson of the Settlement Council of Australia Dewani Bakkum has said that the statement is very appropriate and timely on the occasion of the celebration of Harmony Day and recognizes the contribution of diverse cultures and immigrants to the Australia society.

The commitment of Australia as a nation to welcome diverse immigrants and the unilateral support of politicians across party lines in Australia in keeping up a harmonious, inclusive and welcoming society was praiseworthy, said Dewani Bakkum.

 The Chairman of the Federation of Ethnic Communities Councils Joe Caputo has said that the statement on multiculturalism is recognition of the efforts to keep up and consolidate the society in Australia as a multicultural, harmonious, prosperous and inclusive one. He also demanded that the government comes up with concrete initiatives as well as a national language policy to strengthen the multicultural fabric of Australian society.

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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Recession free Australia for 25 years is a testimony of its flourishing economy

The momentum gained by the economy of Australia in the concluding quarter of 2016 resulted in the nation extending its recession free streak to 25 years, an ample proof that it is a resource-rich economy.

Netherland is just one quarter ahead of Australia for being the nation in the modern era possessing economic growth without a break.

Though there was a marginal slump in the economy of Australia in the third quarter of 2016, the annual growth figures were hiked to 2.4% owing to the 1.1% surprise rise. Strong consumer spending and exports were largely responsible for the recovery in the growth rate. The last quarter of 2016 witnessed a huge growth in the agriculture and mining sectors.

Since 1991, the Australian economy has not experienced a recession, which means it never had two consecutive quarters of negative growth rate. The Dutch record for the period 2008 to 1982 is just one-quarter head of the Australian record, quotes BBC.
The two percent growth in business investment in the last month of 2016 was greeted by the Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison, which was also the first hike after several quarters of a slump.
Scott Morrison also added that the growth rate in Australia remained above the average in OECD which is a confirmation of the successful modification that is being witnessed by the economy of Australia.

It has been affirmed by the analysts in ANZ that the statistics are a confirmation of the fact that the marginal slump in the Q3 of 2016 was provisional unaffecting the strong momentum of the Australian economy.

Chief Australian economist of Capital Economics, Paul Dales also elaborated by saying that the nation’s economy was firm on the growth track. The last quarter of 2016 that witnessed a revival in growth rates also affirms the anticipation that the hike in process of commodities will also lead to fast recovery, added Dales.

BBC also reported AMP Capital’s Shane Oliver as saying that there has been a fast rise in the export percentage and the commodity prices are also witnessing a big recovery. The prospect for the next year stands very brightly, added Mr. Oliver.

The approximation of the Central Bank of Australia indicates that the year 2017 would witness an economic growth of 3% owing to the surge in prices of commodities.

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Newly arrived immigrants in Australia are united by the bond of street art

Australia of late has seen a polarization of public views regarding immigration. With the aim of overhauling public perception regarding immigration, 300 newly arrived immigrants and refugees in Australia have collaborated with four top street artists in Australia to create themed murals.

Unveiled later this week in the center of the financial district in Sydney, the murals are a description of images inspired by the native landscapes and beauty and words that convey feelings regarding immigration. They also include the prized objects that the refugees had carried along with them to Australia.

Kaff-eine, the former criminal lawyer in Australia who has taken up street art said that the project aimed at highlighting the resemblance between the native land and the immigrated nation. The street art project also intends to eliminate increasing distrust regarding immigrants in Australia.

The former criminal lawyer turned street artist said that the misconception regarding immigration was a phenomenon not limited to Australia, alone, it was relevant everywhere.

Immigration and border security have emerged as highly debated issues in Australian politics and have dominated the past elections. It has also resulted in indefinite detention policy for individuals who seek to arrive in Australia by boats.

Australia’s immigration system based on points and policies for offshore detention have even been noticed by the international community. In fact, recently the US President Donald Trump was full of praise for the Australian immigration policies and called for similar policies being implemented in the US too.

The four street artists also include Ben Frost, Regan Tamanui, and Brad Eastman. The four street artists have organized workshops for newly arrived youths from nations such as Syria, Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Iraq and several other nations across the world.

Notwithstanding the huge linguistic and cultural differences and shyness, the immigrants were united by a common objective, said Kaff-eine.

The immigrants were of the view that irrespective of their pasts, they were currently Australian residents and this was the common binding thread, added Kaff-eine. It is tough for people to get angry with others when they have shared similarities.

One of the immigrants painted the words free and young and was, in fact, unaware of the fact initially that these words were a part of the national anthem of Australia also.

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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

The pathway to emigrate from Australia to Canada

If you wish to emigrate from Australia to Canada, it is relatively easier to do so than from any other nation. The fact that both these nations are members of the Commonwealth Nations eases the process of immigration. Nevertheless, despite the unique status of the relationship between these two nations, immigrants looking forward to moving to Canada will face hurdles owing to the intricate process of Canada immigration. It will be a wise decision to facilitate the visa application through registered migration agent Melbourne.

There are diverse options available for Australians who intend to immigrate to Canada. In case if your occupation is listed under the eligible occupation you can enter Canada as a skilled worker. In case the applicant immigrants possess the required capital and satisfy the requirements of the investor visa, they can arrive in Canada through the Entrepreneurial visa scheme. They can understand the finer nuances of applying to the diverse visas and the suitable visa for them through a registered migration agent Melbourne.

On the other hand, the immigrant applicants from Australia who intend to move to Canada can also apply for the Provincial nomination visa or even be sponsored by a relative who is already residing in Canada. 

In case if you are unable to decide on the category of the visa that is suitable to you, you must avail services of a registered migration agent Melbourne. The registered migration agent Melbourne will be able to assist you to determine the appropriate visa that will be suitable for your background and circumstances. The immigration consultant will also be in a position to guide you regarding the necessary documents and ensure that the visa application process is successfully completed in a smooth manner.

Working Holiday Program

Working holiday program is suitable for young Australians to emigrate from Australia to Canada. It is recommended for people who wish to stay in Canada for a while and not recommended for applicants who wish to avail the permanent residency to Canada. The immigrant applicants who wish to secure this two-year working visa must be aged between 30 to 18 years. A registered migration agent Melbourne will be best placed to assist in processing this visa for the applicant immigrants residing in Australia.

Once it has been assessed that what kind of visa is suitable for you, it is required that you furnish the necessary application to the immigration office. The applicable immigration office details can also be availed through Australian immigration contact number.

The majority of the visas mandate that the applicants of the visa submit a wide range of supporting credentials along with visa application. These credentials differ from one visa to another. It may be required that you submit documents such as financial statements or medical reports. Generally, the financial documents are asked to demonstrate your monetary stability to support your stay in Canada.
A registered migration agent Melbourne will be able to outline the exact nature and number of documents that the visa you have chosen requires being submitted.

In some cases, the immigrant applicants from Australia commence the process of the application while they are still residing in Australia.  On the other hand, some other applicants arrive in Canada and then initiate their visa process. Many categories of immigrant applicants from Australia are permitted to travel unrestricted throughout Canada. You can secure the details of these kinds of visas from a registered migration agents Melbourne.

Irrespective of the stage of your visa application process, you would have more often than not observed that the process can be really tough at times. But the positive aspect for you is that you can always avail the services of a registered migration agent Melbourne who will be competent and experienced to navigate you smoothly through the process.

Australians citizens or permanent residents who wish to secure the permanent residency in Canada have a wide range of visa categories in Canada to choose from.