Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Immigrant millionaires across the world prefer Australia as the top destination

Australia has emerged as the top destination for millionaire immigrants across the world. The millionaires across the globe are on a move and the destination where a majority of them would like to settle is Australia.

The annual report published by the research company based in South Australia, New World Wealth reveals the trends for global wealth immigration and global wealth for the year 2016.

The fourth yearly global wealth immigration study was collated based on statistics for investor visa programs, sales statistics and property registers in each nation along with feedback from 800 individuals with high net worth or those whose assets were equal to or exceeded 1 million US dollars. It would be advisable to avail services of a registered migration agent Melbourne if you are also one among the prospective investors inclined to immigrate to Australia.

The report reveals that the immigration of global wealth is accentuating with around 82,000 millionaires or individuals with high net worth immigrating in 2016 as compared to the 64,000 millionaires in 2015.

Australia has emerged as the favored destination for global millionaire investors for the second consecutive year surpassing conventional destinations such as the UK or the US.

The numbers of millionaires who immigrated in 2016 to Australia stood at 11,000 while compared to the 10,000 millionaires who immigrated to the US and 3,000 millionaires who moved to the UK. It will be advisable to avail services from an expert and skilled Registered Migration agent or RMA Australia for processing your investor visa to the top investor destination in the world, Australia.

The most favored global destinations for millionaire immigrants in 2016 were as follows:

1.    Australia with 11,000 immigrant millionaires
2.    The US with 10,000 immigrant millionaires
3.    Canada with 8,000 immigrant millionaires
4.    UAE with 5,000 immigrant millionaires
5.    New Zealand with 4,000 immigrant millionaires

The report from the New World Wealth says that there are diverse reasons for Australia emerging as the popular and chosen destination for immigrant millionaires across the world.

One of the best healthcare systems in the world is present in Australia. On the other hand, the NHS in the UK is worsening and the mandatory insurance for healthcare in the US has not turned out to be appropriate for the middle class and affluent patients.

The location of Australia also makes it an excellent base destination for business ventures in the emerging nations of Asia such as India, China, Vietnam, Singapore, Korea and Hong Kong. Workabroad Australia is also preferred by immigrants across the world.

Australia is also relatively devoid of the Middle East crisis and the associated crisis of refugees in Europe. New World Wealth has also rated Australia as the safest nation in the world. It is specifically safe for the upbringing of children.

Australia is also a good destination for affluent and retired yacht proprietors who intend to sail across the islands in South Pacific. Inheritance taxes in Australia are lower than that of the US and in fact much lower than that of the UK.

It has also been reported by New World Wealth that the excellent economic growth of Australia in the last ten years has definitely impacted the business prospects and self-assurance.

In the last decade, Australia’s total wealth has witnessed an increase of 85% while compared to the US’s growth of 30% and the UK’s growth of 28%.

New World Wealth also reveals in its report that the average Australian citizen is crucially more affluent than the average citizen of the UK or the US, something that was not true last ten years ago. The climate of Australia is also one of the key factors for facilitating it to emerge as the preferred investor destination as its climate is very hot when compared specifically with the UK. 

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Understanding the Australian immigration policy and how the UK can adopt it after exiting from the EU

A slogan that highlights the immigration policy of Australia is that the Australians decide who arrives at their nation as well as the circumstances in which they arrive.

Perhaps this is what the Prime Minister of the UK Theresa May and its Home secretary Amber Rudd will have in their mind while shaping the immigration policy of the UK after exit from the European Union.

Here is a brief synopsis of the immigration policy and its execution in Australia. The government of Australia sets an target for receiving immigrants every year and for 2017 it is around 200, 000. This total target is then divided into two three categories. The number of refugees is first settled upon.

All refugees who arrive in Australia are very well scrutinized so as to ensure that any individuals who might be a concern to the security authorities or crime convicts are even accidentally permitted to enter the nation.

A percentage of the overseas immigrants who have approved the visa to arrive in Australia are through the family scheme. The majority of them are the ones who will be marrying the Australian nationals.

A large majority of the immigrants who are authorized to arrive in Australia are in the skilled migrants’ category. The government of Australia evaluates the immigrants to determine their skills to ensure that the economy of the nation continues to flourish.

A point’s based system assesses the immigrants for their eligibility based on their qualifications, age, language, and experience. The more the immigrant applicant is qualified, higher are the points that he receives. It is mandatory that immigrants who arrive through the skilled migration scheme have knowledge of the English language, as quoted by the Express Co UK.
The skilled migration program is specifically important for Australia. Though it makes a huge investment in the education sector, Australia has a constant demand for skilled professionals in areas that have a scarcity of skilled workers. The skilled migration program is nondiscriminatory and immigrants are chosen irrespective of their religion, the nation of origin, race or gender.

Immigrants are chosen on the basis of their skills. Currently, Indians account for 22 percent of the total immigrants, Chinese for 16% and Britons for 10%. Australia’s liberal immigration program ensures that a very large percentage of its population is overseas immigrants.

Almost 24% of the Australians are those born outside the nation and around 43% of them are those whose one parent was not born in Australia. In spite of the large population of the immigrants, Australia is very stable as a nation both socially and politically.

Australia has comparatively low crime rate, a high level of social integration and Australia is ranked very high on the international index for happiness. These are broadly the features of the immigration policies of Australia that define the do's.

However there are some don’ts also that are a part of the Australian immigration policy.

Australia does not permit entry of immigrants who attempt to override the immigration laws by taking the assistance of people who assist in illegally sneaking in immigrants to the nation.

Immigrants who intend to ignore the legal framework for immigration and sneak into Australia through boats will not succeed. These immigrants will either be turned back or in case if this is not possible they will be shifted to the Nauru or Papua New Guinea’s processing centers. The overseas individuals who are not refugees are sent back to their native nations.

Though this immigration policy of Australia is tough and controversial, it is needed to ensure that the integrity of its immigration policy is maintained and does not collapse. By refusing entry of immigrants through people smugglers, Australian government ensures that it is the legal framework that governs the immigration policy. It does not approve the idea of permitting people to arrive into the nation without knowledge of their background.

A regulated immigration policy ensures that the economy flourishes. Australia has a history of the glorious economic growth of 26 years. It is in a position to curb any social problems that might arise out of immigration.  A regulated immigration policy will also be welcomed by the citizens.

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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Availing help of professional migration agent to migrate to Australia

It is not an easy task when one is immigrating to a different country. It can be excruciating for some, in fact, who may feel that government officials in Australia are doing everything to dissuade you from entering its territory, even if it is not true. This is where services of an immigration consultant would help you. This is because they are professionals and must have seen hundreds of applicants, some of whom might have been more discouraged than you. They can not only assist you in getting a visa, but also have the ability to counsel you when you have given up all hope.

Cutting to the chase, did you know that the Land Down Under as Australia is also referred to offers more than hundred types of visas! But, remember, you have to exhibit patience and never give up even if takes a long time. It also not the intention of the government of Australia to dissuade immigrants, but it wants to make sure that by putting a place a stringent process, it will import the most eligible candidates into its territory. If you avail the services of an Australian immigration agent, you would be better placed to understand different migration laws with his/her guidance and assistance. The advantage the migration agents offer you is that they know how to hasten the process of migration to Oz. Their experience and expertise would also aid you because they understand the fine print of each of these over 100 plus migration visa types.

A Migration Agent has a thorough knowledge of each of these visas and the laws and regulations that are linked to them. For a person looking to migrate to Australia, finding the right visa to offer them the greatest chances of entry can be frustrating. With the services of a Migration Agent you can work with a person who can get your details and identify the best visa to help support your efforts, qualify for a visa, and limit any restrictions which might be associated with the visa.

We need not reiterate the fact that migrating from one country to another is a once-in a-lifetime experience as that which will change your life forever. You only improve your chances when you hire a registered migration agent in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane, besides other big cities. Ensure also that you make use of the services of a MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) recognized agent. By the way, office of the MARA is affiliated to the DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection). 

Another thing one has to bear in mind is that each of Australia’s states and territories has their own set of laws, though to an outsider it may seem like a homogeneous country. The skills shortages also vary from one state or province to the other. It has six states and two territories. The territories are: the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), which surrounds the capital city of Canberra, and the other is Northern Territory (NT), which is situated on the northern coast of the Land of Plenty. Its capital is Alice Springs. The six states are New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and Western Australia.

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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Suggestions for emigrants to Australia

Before applying to migrate to Australia, understand which visa class you may be eligible for as there are visa classes running into hundreds in Australia. Check out the DIBP website or speak to an accredited migration agent to find out which class you truly fit into. In fact, many MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) approved migration agents offer online evaluations.
We would like to digress here as we would like to state where most people would like to migrate to in Australia. They would consider the big five cities - Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth. That is because they are considered cosmopolitan, offer a better quality of life and work opportunities and are internationally connected.
Make sure you have all the required documents such as birth certificate, valid passport, documents of identity with you. Take their photocopies and keep the originals in a secure place, especially where you can easily access them.
Though Australia may seem like a homogeneous country, each city, province and state differs from the other in more ways than one. Therefore, the job opportunities, way of life and the rules vary from region to region. All this information, of course, can be sourced from Internet, authoritative books on Australia and by paying a visit to the Australian consulate closest to you.
The DIBP expects that to apply in a proper fashion one must use the latest version of each form, failing which your application will not be accepted as they would qualify it as improper. For your information, the versions of forms can change very frequently, so you need to check if the version is of the latest date.

Another thing you need to bear in mind while applying for a visa is that you inform your immediate previous employers that you have plans of relocating to Australia as DIBP would contact them. Keep ready your pay slips or put them at least on your Internet so that you can take their printouts.  These are most important as they are the key to your employment – the basis on which your visa may get rejected or approved.
In addition, DIBP would like to know if the duties you discharged in your previous employments are the ones which are relevant to your nominated occupation. When you give your employer references, make sure you provide adequate information about their total sphere of work. This will only buttress your chances of bagging a visa.

Honesty doesn’t hurt. In fact, it only portrays you in a positive light, which is what will satisfy both the immigration authorities and your future employers. For instance, if you have been convicted in even a minor case, you MUST declare it. With technology, no one can keep their falsely keep their record squeaky clean by pushing unpleasant things under the carpet. It would eventually be found out and the attendant embarrassment that comes with it can be truly humiliating. It can ruin your entire career, and if you are sent back, chances of getting a job even in you home country would be remote.

Also, make sure that you submit your application well ahead of the last date. Inadvertent delays do happen and you just cannot prevent them.  Here, most importantly, when dealing with DIBP, respond to all of their requests promptly. It also does matter for your application to be approved.

Please remember that emigration is once-in –a-lifetime investment, which is why you cannot afford to be slacking off at any stage of your application process. It is also an investment as it would be painful if your application is rejected. These are, in fact, the most important things you cannot afford to forget. You need to, therefore, carry enough money that you can expend on a rainy day.

Be very patient when application is not processed swiftly as just like in India, bureaucracy in government departments can be painful to put up with. So bide your time when all of this is happening. It might happen very quickly for some people, but that can be attributed to pure luck. So if it happens to your friend, do not assume that you are unlucky.

If all this sounds frightening to you, it frankly was not the intention of this writer. It is not really as scary as it seems and besides these suggestions are meant only to make you extra cautious. 

As we have stated above, you cannot understate the importance of a MARA. If you are looking for a registered migration agent in Melbourne or for that matter in any other city in the Land Down Under, you will surely come across one if you research meticulously.  When you have decided to hire one, do not hesitate to ask them what may seem trivial. Do not be EMBARASSED at any stage when posing them any questions. It is after all their business to be patient. That entails them to be tolerant while listening to all your concerns. Do not hold back as this is the most important career decision of your whole life.  Moving to a country to spend the remainder of your life is not a matter you can trifle with!!!